Saturday, September 27, 2008


Goals for Fall Training

1) Meet the area management

    a. Focus the season a  “team approach”  Our goal: helping our

    guest have a positive experience on the slopes. From the lift ops, to on

    snow grooming to rental, to buying food,  all will be involved in making the skiing

    experience a great one!


2) Review improvements to station teaching and adjustments to school programs

    a. After our kick off year, we know we can make station teaching a more

    “personable experience”

    b. With a new approach to school groups and better terrain options how we

    can make the first on snow experiences the best they can be!

3) What is new in equipment and technology for the season?

    a. It is always important and fun to keep up on the latest trends equipment and safety.


Goals for On Snow Training in December

1) Station teaching

    a. – how to make it work on the snow – we will do run through and get the

    bugs out before our guest show up on the hill

2) Tips and tricks to keeping it personal in station teaching

    a. Brainstorm ways to connect to our students in this new style of teaching


3) Teach “skiing/snowboarding” vs. turning

    a. Recognizing movement patterns

    b. Develop drills to development good sliding skills

    c. Setting realistic goals for our students – it is skiing not a level I exam!


Goals for the Season

1) We are planning on having set nights at Boston Mills and Brandywine for Level II

    and Level I preps

        a. Provide practice teaching assignments and practice teaching in front of


        b. Provide practice movement patterns and provide feedback


2) We will continue Sunday early morning level 3 preps with Mike Garrity at Boston

Mills. Pre registration will be necessary to help keep group size appropriate


3) Based on input from our staff during fall training, we will develop customized

training that we can present during the season to help make our staff the best it

can be!


First Draft of goals for the season

Well -- sounds like we are up for a meeting.
What about meeting at the open house? - Is everyone too busy working?
I was thinking Oct 18th 1:00-3:00?? @ the Mills
Again I am open to other dates and times just thinking most of us might
be stopping by anyway- save us all a trip.

We could review the goals for fall training.
discuss who wants to work what and develop a survey for certified staff on
what they would like to see for on snow skiing.
I'll shoot out a traditonal email as well - but post if you can make it or if you think it is a bad idea - remember we have two Scott's so use your initials!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Season Training

Ideas -- anyone want to head up video training??? Who would like to focus on Level I and who would like to focus on Level II and when would you like to teach???

December training

December on snow -- Again here will have to cover on snow station teaching

other ideas????

Fall training

Post your ideas for fall training --
We are having three sessions (they choose one session) it is a total of 3 hrs of training....
We have to cover station teaching updates
Updates to op's manual

We will be at Buckeye for two of the sessions....

ideas??? Post it here! Let me know if you have an hour topic you would like to present...

Meeting time and place?

Weekend or after work? Location??? Post your thoughts

08-09 Season!

Hello -- ideas for training this year??? Should we meet for pizza and beer and brainstorm fall training??? Shoot me ideas -- or let's figure out a time and place~